Your doctor may refer you to us for an assessment. Most assessments are used to help you and your health care providers to understand what’s happening for you, and what your particular needs are. Three Waters Psychology Clinic has expertise in Clinical and Neuropsychological Assessments.


Clinical Assessment

A clinical assessment focuses on identifying patterns of behaviour related to psychological difficulties. By identifying these patterns, your psychologist can help you to better understand how these patterns affect you, and what treatments are available to assist in resolving these concerns.


Neuropsychological Assessment

Neuropsychological assessments explore how your brain functions. From these tests and through interviews a neuropsychologist can identify areas of strength and weakness in your cognitive ability such as early learning difficulties, developmental problems and other sensory-motor function issues.

These assessments are very detailed and in depth, so can take a number of hours to complete. These are often called ‘formal assessments’ and are usually conducted at the request of your doctor.